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Vietnam Festivals & Events

Vietnam people with vibrant culture celebrate various festivals and events with great fun and fanfare. Asiarooms offers to give you online information on Vietnam festivals and Vietnam events.

Due to its long association with its neighboring country China, Vietnam culture also has a major Chinese influence.

With majority of population being rural, community spirits is really high in Vietnam. With festivals and events forming an important part of their lives, the festivals are more agrarian based and celebrated throughout the year.

Festivals and events in Vietnam are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Various games like tug of war, buffalo fights, rope pulling, pigeon race etc. are an important part of the festival celebration.

Festivals and events like Dong Ky Festival, Keo Pagoda, They Pagoda Festival, Huong Festival, Dong Festival etc. are some of the important festivals of Vietnam. Folk songs, traditional music and dance form an important part of these festivals.

Festivals and events form an important part of the Vietnamese culture. For, generations festivals have been an important cultural activity of the Vietnamese people. Master Pagoda is an important festival and event of Vietnam with puppet shows being the main highlight. Most of the festivals and events of Vietnam are dedicated to the natural powers like rain, cloud, lighting etc.

Besides, the foot tapping drumbeats and traditional music create an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm in these festivals. Vietnam festivals and events are also marked by the remembrance of the national heroes and various religious ceremonies. Festivals in Vietnam are the occasion to dress beautifully and show their customs and habits. This I the time when one can witness social encounters and springing up of new relationships.

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Tet or Vietnamese and Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important festival of Vietnamese people. The festival is celebrated sometimes in between late January and early February. It is a minimum three-day affair and is the time for enjoyment, family reunion and paying respect to the ancestors. Gifts are also exchanged between near and dear ones during this important Vietnam festival and event.

Major festivals in Vietnam are Lim Festival (Quan Ho Singing), Do Son Buffallo fighting festival, Hung Kings Festival, Tet “New Year” Festival and Mid Autumn Festival.

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